Spring it On!

Spring is here and change is in the air. As the clock springs forward this week, we bring you five easy tips on how to embrace the change.

1. Fresh Flowers: Seasonal fresh flower are always beautiful to have around the house. Try splitting up a bouquet into three or four mason jars and place them in various rooms.

2. Scent Sachets: Recycle your flowers by drying them out and placing them in packets. If you want to be really creative, choose a spring colored material, cut it into little squares, sew two pieces of the material together leaving a little place to fill with the dried flowers, and then sew together the hole. Place the scent sachets into your sock drawer or gym bag.

3. Fresh New Recipes: Try working some spring produce into your weekly menu. Find recipes that incorporate carrots, artichokes, asparagus, rhubarb, or strawberries for a fresh taste.

4. Swap Accents: Liven up your home by switching out small accents in every room. Try replacing your bed sheets, dinnerware, soaps, throws, towels, pillows, and candles with spring colored items.

5. Spring Wreath: Celebrate the change in season with a non-traditional wreath. A wreath is the first decoration guests see when arriving to your home, so make it count.

By making small adjustments around the home, you’ll feel a world of change; and you know what they say: Change is good, so Spring it On!


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