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Wonder Walls

Our homes are lined with art, pictures, frames and other wall décor. Why not try a style revamp and rearrange your priced pieces into a gallery wall?

The layout must be wisely chosen as it will be an effect on its own. If you are working with similar sized frames, we suggest a symmetrical arrangement for an impactful look and continuity. However, if you have a variety of sizes and objects, place the biggest pieces in the middle and work your way out with the smaller accents. As a rule of thumb, you should space out all your pieces equally about 2″. The bulk of your pieces should also be hung at eye level, which is about 56″ from the floor up.

Another layout idea is using a picture rail. If you’re not ready for commitment, this is a great technique as it will allow you to regularly switch up the look without drilling too many holes in your walls.

Now that you’ve chosen your layout, display away. Don’t limit yourself to art. Pick pieces close to your heart be it pictures, post cards or even a framed concert ticket. You can also add a beautiful mirror to the mix. Heirloom pieces such as a family crest can be placed in a shadow box and added to your wall. Choose pieces that reflect your passions and experiences. Mix colors and mediums to make your gallery wall relaxed and approachable. After all, this is your home, not a museum.

For more walls to stare at, go visit our Wonder Walls board on Pinterest.


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