Exposed: Open Shelves Bare All in the Kitchen

The kitchen bares all this week, as we knock down the tradition of cupboards. Sure, cupboards are quite lovely, and at times they help compliment the style of the kitchen, but what if we let our kitchenware speak for itself?

Surely it would say that exposed shelves in the kitchen promote organization and, at the very least, allow kitchenware to be more accessible. Here we focus on white shelving, brining attention to what’s on display and helping to create the illusion of more space.

Like any shelf, added decorations add style. Flowers, ornaments, or picture frames are some of the many decor ideas you can use to achieve a personalized display.



For more exposure on open shelving in the kitchen, check out our Pinterest board Exposed: Open Shelves in the Kitchen. It’s never too late to bare it all.


One thought on “Exposed: Open Shelves Bare All in the Kitchen

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