Seeing Green: Hosting a Saint Patrick’s Day Party

Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day? Get inspired by our five ideas below so you can throw a fabulous bash.

green couch pillow art table


Accent your décor with shades of green. Easy updates can be a couple of throw pillows on your living room couch or a nice green vase on your coffee table. If you want to be in the spirit all year round, a green couch will definitely do the trick.

green couch sofa vase pillows


green vase jar lamp


green living room pillows couch


Set a festive table with some green and white plates and gold cutlery. Top each table setting with some clovers. You can even use tartan table linens for a different color scheme. An easy centerpiece idea consists of filling a tall jar with green apples.

plates cutlery table linens


plates table cutlery gold tartan


vase jar apple centerpiece


Don’t forget to add flowers to your décor. We love Irish bells as well as beautiful green and white hydrangeas. You can also grow your own shamrock plant in a cute mason jar or in a pretty teacup.

vase hydrangeas mirror


irish bells


shamrock mason jar


Cook up a hearty beef stew with some carrots, cabbage and potatoes. For dessert, whip up some green cereal treats by adding green food dye to your usual batter or you can skewer some kiwis, grapes and other green fruits for a healthier alternative.

stew pot kitchen linens


kitchen cereal treats


fruits kitchen


Make some green beer for your guests. Simply add a drop of green food coloring to a pint of beer. The same technique can be used on champagne if you prefer a glass of bubbly. Don’t forget to use a green bar cart!

champagne glass


green bar cart tray glasses


For more décor inspiration and other yummy ideas, check out our Seeing Green board on Pinterest.


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