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Art Masters: Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) was a Dutch post-Impressionist painter known for his self portraits and still lifes. Having gained most, of his recognition posthumously, his works have been inspiring artists for decades. In honor of what would be Van Gogh’s 161st birthday, we present you his three most iconic paintings and how their color palette can be translated into your home décor.

Starry Night, 1889

Starry-Night van gogh art

This is considered as Van Gogh’s most iconic work. Starry Night features a rich array of shades of blues punctuated by yellow and greens. The rooms below certainly emanate the luxurious feel of the rich colors of Vincent van Gogh’s painting. If the lacquer and velvets are too intense for your home, try dinnerware in different shades of blues.

blue room yellow accent van gogh

blue lacquered walls

blue dinnerware


Vase with Twelve Sunflowers, 1889


Van Gogh loved still lifes, and was particularly fond of sunflowers. As a matter of fact, he painted about eight different variations of this vase with sunflowers. Try incorporating some black and yellow into your decor. Use different shades of yellow and keep the accent color discrete to avoid having your room look like a bee. If this color combination is not your cup of tea, you can’t go wrong with a mason jar filled with sunflowers.

black couches yellow couch

black and yellow foyer

sunflowers mason jar

Vase with Irises, 1890


Irises were another flower often featured in Van Gogh’s still lifes. This particular painting features beautiful lilac blue flowers and a touch of mint green and cream. Although this is not an usual combination, the rooms below manage to combine these colors very well. Again, a beautiful flower arrangement can also do the trick: we suggest pairing irises and roses.

irises roses vase table

lilac bedroom

boho lilac and mint bedroom

Get more inspiration for your home on our Van Gogh Pinterest board.


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