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Stylish Bookshelves

A great library can make quite an impact in a room. Whether you have a whole room dedicated to your books or a small bookshelf in your bedroom, make sure you are paying close attention to the setup of your books and accessories so that your shelves become the wow factor in your room. Here are some styling tips for your inner décor savvy bookworm.

living room bookshelves


Incorporate art and decorative objects: Don’t be afraid to “accessorize” your books. This is a great place to show off travel souvenirs or a great lacquered box. Don’t underestimate the power of great bookends: they can be functional and pretty! You can also display art on the shelf itself or try hanging it on the shelf for a different look.

bookshleves plant decor

living room bookshelves art flowers

living room bookshelves art


Arrange your books by color: If you have large bookshelves and a lot of books and décor objects this is a great look that will definitely turn your books into the center of attention of your room. This is an unconventional organizing system but the great eye catching layout is totally worth having to look for your copy of The Great Gatsby for an extra couple of minutes.

color coded bookshelves flowers vases

color bookshelf couches poufs

color bookshelf couch


Mix up your book placement. Don’t be afraid to play around with your book placement: place some horizontally and some vertically. Large coffee table books will be showcased wonderfully when placed horizontally on a shelf. This is another unconventional technique that will be frowned upon by librarians everywhere, but we love the way this adds a touch of unexpected to your bookshelves.

bookshelves mirror trinkets


books frames shelves


books shelves clock jars


Visit our Stylish Bookshelves Pinterest board for more inspiring ideas to play around with your bookshelves and change the look of your room.


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