A Brave New World: The Terrarium

Terrariums are beautiful little worlds that help create a sense of raw nature to any room in the home. All you need to create your own basic terrarium is the following: moss, charcoal, gravel, soil, and a glass jar of your choice.

Once you decide which plants to add to the mix, you’re well on your way to creating a brave new world in your home. Here are five of our favourite plant ideas:

1. Orchid Terrarium:

2. Cacti Terrarium:

3. Milkweed Terrarium:

4. Fern Terrarium:

5. Air Plant Terrarium:

Like most plant life, terrariums thrive on natural light. Be sure to place yours in an area of the home that has plenty of sunlight.



There is a world of creativity involved in creating your own terrarium. For more inspiration, check out Terrarium on our Pinterest.


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