Spring Destinations

Spring is an optimal time to travel: weather is pleasant, many lively seasonal festivals start and blooming season sets wonderful scenery views all across the world. Take a look at our favorite spring destinations and start planning a spring getaway.

Portland, USA: Known as ”The City of Roses”, Portland gives great justice to its nickname during Spring when the roses start to bloom in April. There are many parks dedicated to the city’s flower, the most popular being the Rose Test Garden. Don’t miss the Portland Rose Festival in May!

Fuji, Japan: Another scenic location from across the globe is the Fuji National Park. It is home to Mount Fuji and the most beautiful and colorful views are in spring when the cherry blossoms and plum trees begin to bloom. The many hot springs are also a great place to relax once you are done sightseeing.

Paris, France: Spring might be the most romantic time to visit Paris.  The weather is mild and comfortable for a day of sightseeing or for a romantic stroll in one of the city’s many public parks. Go grab a croissant and setup a picnic at the Eiffel Tower and enjoy the views.

The Netherlands: Anywhere you go in the country, you will find blooming tulips as far as the eye can see. You can visit many national parks or take a bicycle tour along the Flower Bulb Route to see the wonderful views. Keep in mind daffodils start blooming in April and tulips in May.

Ottawa, Canada: Beautiful views of blooming tulips can also be experience in Canada’s capital during the Canadian Tulip Festival held in May. One can even see Dutch tulips on display, as the Dutch Royal Family sends 10,000 blooms to Ottawa every year since 1945. Walk or bike along the Rideau Canal and take the views in.


For more spring travel inspiration, visit our Spring Destinations board on Pinterest.


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