7 Creative Staircases

Have you ever thought about the fact that stairs are just vertical bridges? Well they are. Except bridges tend to draw up excitement as you cross them, but stairs not so much. Unless you should find yourself crossing one of these 7 creative staircases:

1. Slide Staircase: Awaken your inner child

2. The Library Staircase: Get one step closer to your favourite books.

3. Jenga Staircase: If you can make it to the top of this staircase, you win.



4. Floating Stairs: Believe in magic.

5. Mind Altering Staircase: Who knows where this staircase will lead …or why it exists?

6. Tree Hugger Staircase: Bringing you closer to nature.

7. Tunnel Staircase: You never know who you’ll run into.

If nothing else, these creative staircases serve as a reminder to have fun as we climb our way the top; bridging our lives from one journey to the next.

Can’t get enough? Visit Creative Staircases for more images.



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