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Tea Party

5 things you need to know to host a fabulous tea party:

1. Set a time: Tea parties are usually reserved for afternoon. Choose a time between 1:00 & 5:00 and block off at least two hours.

2. Table Decor: Have fun choosing your tea pot, tea cups, and saucers. Mix and match these with your tea tray, sugar bowl, milk jug, and platters. Remember to provide a serving spoon for every food or condiment that people must help themselves to. Decorative napkins and doilies are also a cute way to add personality to the table.



3. Tea: Choose a selection of teas to offer your guests such as black tea, green tea, and herbal blends. Have some lemon slices on hand as well as a tea pot of hot water so guests can enjoy their perfect tea.

4. Food: Place a variety of sweet and savoury finger foods on platers. Tea party favourites usually  include crustless cucumber sandwiches and a variety of scones and macaroons.



5. Etiquette: There are many rules on tea party etiquette, but we’re just going to highlight two. As the host/hostess, you are required to serve the first round of tea. This involves filling the teacup only 3/4 full allowing for guests to add milk or hot water to their cup. It’s also important to note that when the tea party is finished, you gently pick up your napkin from its centre and place it to the left of your plate.

As you can see hosting a fabulous tea party is easy. The real fun is determining who you want to invite to your party, because that’s what matters the most! For more inspiration on tea party decor check out Tea Party.


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