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Coveted Closets: Our Ten Favorite Closets

Let’s be honest, a beautiful closet is what home décor dreams are made of. An organized and chic closet can definitely transform a bedroom and a home in general and can help you start your day on the right foot as it is generally the first place you go to in the morning. Take a look at our favorite ten closets to covet.

This spacious closet is actually a spare room transformed into a huge walk-in. The dark floors, the fur throw, the lounge sofa and the starburst mirror give the room a touch of sophistication.

Open shelves are not only trending in the kitchen, they are also a new update for your closet. This is a great way to display your favorite pieces and your style.

Here is another great display of interests in a closet. We love how the books are displayed along with the shoes and the weekender bag in this masculine closet.

This bachelor’s closet has prized memorabilia and a sneaker collection out in the open for all to see. The colorful rug brings a playful touch to the darker and stern wood.

This boys closet is very well organized with numerous bins that keep toys, books and clothes in their place. The use of two rods is a great space saver in a kids closet.

This nursery closet is very sophisticated for a baby girl. The many shelves keep everything organized and handy and the vertical rods are a different way to hang clothes.

This all-white closet is very clean and modern. A runner is a great idea in a closet to cushion your feet while figuring out which shoes to wear. Another great idea is the vanity mirror incorporated in the shelving.

The teal ceiling and the chandelier are great to reflect the natural light in this bright closet. The seating nook by the window is a smart way to add seating to the small space and utilize the window.

Adding wallpaper to the back of your closet is a great way to add an unexpected je ne sais quoi to your fabulous closet. This black and white graphic print is a standout in the otherwise dark closet.

The his and hers closet of our dreams. Notice the use of the dark and white woods to define the areas and skillfully blend the masculine and feminine. The lounge sofa in the common area brings the whole room together.

Tempted to redecorate your closet space? Check out our Pinterest board for more closets to covet.





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