Caroline Bailly, L’Atelier Rouge NYC – Not Your Average Floral Designer.



Caroline Bailly, Owner of L’Atelier Rouge – a floral and events design company based out of SOHO in New York city, knows a thing or two about decor. Caroline’s work has been featured in Brides Magazine, Grace Ormonde & Blackbook Magazine.

What are the elements of a chic design?

The most important thing is to have a strong design.  I think you have to be bold to do something chic. The main difference between a chic and bad design is that it has to be cohesive, it has to make sense, and you have to see the design elements. You can have all of the most beautiful elements, but if you put them together inartistically, and if you don’t have respect for the quality of your product, it’s a mess. When I work with flowers, I know that they have to be seen, it makes no sense to make a big mass of flowers of all kinds mixed together.  For example, hardly anyone knows that Flowers have a direction.  You work with calla lilies for their interior; you have to know how to arrange them to make it beautiful.  


L’Atelier Rouge is adored for their golden dipped floral arrangements – pictured above – which we are secretly coveting. You can learn how to dip your own flowers here on Brides.com.


We are in full bloom this spring. Keep an eye on our Pinterest boards,  Caroline Bailly will be collaborating with us to ensure that our designs remain chic and flawless.

Click to see L’Atelier Rouge: Facebook, Twitter, InstagramPinterest boards.


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