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The Beauty of Men’s Decor

The beauty of men’s decor is that you do not have to be a man to appreciate it. Yes, Men’s decor tends to be on the darker and more sleek side but it is timeless for both men and women.  There is nothing that limits us from incorporating these inspirations for at least one room in your home. 

Masculine interiors are usually a perfect combination of dramatic and refined. We’ve found some examples of spaces in your home that can benefit from a more masculine décor. Traditional dark colours or a black and white colour scheme always seem to do the trick but we suggest throwing in some accent colours to achieve a finished and unique look.

H5 Decor Tips, Marta (H5 buyer) advices:

Use leather accents, clean and traditional shapes. 

Colours: Black and White with accent colours like: green, cognac, burgundy, brass, gold and silver

– Wine Cellar:

– Bar:

– Pool Room:

– Living Space:

– Cigar Lounge / Humidors:


– Bathroom:

– Kitchen:


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