DIY Projects by P.S. I made this

Yes, it is true, we love being creative and making things out of nothing but one thing we love more than DIY’s is stumbling upon talented people with an eye for being crafty. Which is why we would love to introduce you to Erica Domesek, founder of our favorite DIY website: P.S. – I made this. We particularly admire Erica’s work because of her amazing eye for clean and aesthetically appealing images full of clear and concise instructions.

P.S.- I made this… is the innovative lifestyle brand founded by Erica Domesek. As the ultimate destination for customization and personalization, thier mission is to inspire and empower people around the globe to cultivate their inner-creativity and embrace the ever-growing do-it-yourself (DIY) way of life.

Born from Erica’s passion for hand-making beautiful objects and accessories that make everyday life more beautiful and fun, the brand launched as a website in 2009.  Shortly thereafter, Elle Magazine dubbed Erica “Fashion’s Queen of DIY”.

With a focus on stylish living with a personal touch, psimadethis.com features hundreds of projects that feature clear, step-by-step instructions and vivid inspiration alongside exciting digital content, as well as a guide to the essential products and tools that encourage you to roll up your sleeves, get crafty, and dive into DIY.

Click on the link below the images for full instructions on how to create our favorite home decor DIY’s!

Have fun!


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