Color Crush: Gold

The Oliver Gal Artist Co. is a collective of artists spearheaded by  sisters and artists Lola Sánchez & Ana Gal. The duo was inspired  by the Miami art scene — and by photography from their travels around the world in Spain, Italy, St. Lucia, China, Israel and Africa. Their art collections are handcrafted with airy images, pop culture themes, and striking layers of color. Each piece — from limited edition series to exclusive collections — is created to capture life’s most haute moments, avant garde objects and splendid lifestyles. Their work exudes unpretentious elegance, transforming blank walls into grand-scale, high-style canvasses.

Marta – Our purchasing genius, is a tremendous art fan and is working hard on creating a gold themed art collection with the Oliver Gal team.

According to the experts over at Oliver Gal: Gold has been coveted since ancient times and it represents glamour, celebration, and joy. This versatile element adds texture and allure to any object. Unlike its metallic counterparts – silver and copper, gold exudes warmth, while its timeless value allows it to remain modern through the years.

At the Oliver Gal studio, gold is the main color of many of our collections. We try to balance the use of gold in our pieces by walking the fine line between opulence and excess. In result we create exuberant pieces that dress any wall with a magnetic aura, captivating the beholders.

Glam-up and refresh your home with an Oliver Gal art piece featuring gold-leaf accents!

Oliver Gal Collection

Oliver Gal Collection

Oliver Gal Collection

Oliver Gal Collection

Oliver Gal Collection

Oliver Gal Collection


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