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Style of the Month: Shabby Chic

According to – The main characteristic of shabby chic interior design is aged furniture. It could be chosen for its appearance of age with all these sings of wear and tear or it can be distressed to achieve the appearance of an antique. Shabby chic is a soft style that fits perfectly for cottages but can be used at your home too. It can easily add a feminine touch to any interior and make it quite unique.

We love to be gender neutral with decor but let’s admit, shabby chic is definitely one of the more feminine decor styles; ladies rejoice!


HGTV Says: “Pink is the most popular color in the shabby chic decorating palette. When it comes to fabrics, dainty rose prints are the go-to choice.”


Greeson & Fast Design Says: Take an existing kitchen and add antique architectural elements and a white wash


Greeson & Fast Design Says: Remodel a master bathroom with vintage lighting and a copper soaking tub

Living room:

HGTV Says: When creating a shabby chic look, it’s easy to get carried away with accessories, decor and fabrics galore. According to interior designer Lulu Tapp, less is more when it comes to bulky furniture and accessories, especially in a shabby chic design. “Allow for movement throughout the room when adding sofas, chairs and other large pieces of furniture; you should emulate a comfortable feeling throughout the space,” she says. And one of her top pieces of advice: Avoid clutter at all costs.

Color palette to consider:



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