The Typography Queen: Jamine Dowling shares her tricks.


We stumbled upon Jamine Dowling and instantly fell in love.

Jamine explains in My Typography: that typography started off by dabbling in a calligraphy-like treatment without calligraphy pens. Then later falling in love with ink. For those who ask what her tools of the trade are, they aren’t anything fancy. All she uses is: paper, indian ink / regular ink pot, a fine brush, pencil, eraser, oh and water.

Jamine explains that she starts by:

1) Picking an expression.

2) She then writes it out in pencil making sure it all fits nicely for an A4 print. Her personal favourite thing about doing these is that it is her own handwriting, that no one else has, so try to make it yours as much as you can.

3) She then mixes 2 parts water to 1 part ink into a palette. You can change this depending on if you want it really dark or light.

4) She finally goes over the writing, changing the pressure of the brush to paper making sure the brush is always wet.

5) Once it is finished, leave it to dry before rubbing out the pencil underneath. To keep the image clean, scan it and touch up the colour and line in Photoshop as needed.

After it is printed it is put into a frame or taped to the wall surrounded by other treasures and of course flowers!



Information originally found: HERE


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