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Nate Berkus: 4 Rules for Getting the Home of Your Dreams

1. Nate Berkus believes your home should tell your story. Not who your decorator is. Not who your friends sometimes think you should be, not who your family occasionally wishes you would be, and not who any number of style magazines say you “must be.”

2. Plan out the “why” and “what for”: Once you’ve figured out the “why” and “what for” of your space, it’s much easier to figure out the “which”—as in, “which of all these sofas/end tables/crystal candelabra really seems like me?”

3. Stop looking to other people for permission to do what feels right.

4. Be your own stuff police: “Sometimes I wonder,” Nate writes, “Would I appreciate the things around me more if I owned, say one alligator picture frame instead of three?”

Other great tips:4e04999e041628c4bb755aed1b93c957 735650dbc430dc4096d1f57fd1a33d70 a4f725de7bf2663237dbae140501b4f4

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