#H5TRENDS // 4 Steps to Drying Flowers

Drying Flowers  //

According to this article, having flowers in your home all year long does some like a luxury. Luckily, you can benefit from the beauty of flowers all year round by drying your favorite blossoms with a few easy methods at home.



Choose your flowers. You can dry any type of flower, but fresh, full, healthy flowers are the best. Avoid wilted or unhealthy flowers as these will appear to be dead when dried. Strip each of the flower stems of all leaves, so that they are smooth till the flower bud.

Tie the bunches of flowers. Wrap a piece of twine around each bundle several times near the base of the stems, tying it with a knot or bow. Be sure that the twine is tight enough that the flowers will not slip out when hung.

Hang the bunches. Place wall hooks in a cool, dry location where the flowers will not be disturbed. Hang the bundles of flowers on the hooks by the twine in such a way that they are not protruding from an odd angle. The flowers will dry in the same direction as they are hung, so try to make sure all the buds are facing the ground.

Wait. Leave the flowers for 2-4 weeks to dry thoroughly. If the flowers begin to slip during the drying process, retie them and hang again. Otherwise, avoid touching them during the drying period. When they are finished, give them a light misting with an aerosol hairspray to help set their shape.



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