#H5TRENDS // Tommy Hilfiger’s Vibrant Miami Home Featured in Architectural Digest

“I told Martyn [the designer], ‘If it’s not shagadelic or groovy, it’s not coming into the house,'” Dee recounts, describing her criteria for furniture and finishes. True to form, Bullard obliged with a kaleidoscopic array of colors, materials, and furnishings, all deployed in vignettes that scream glamour and sex appeal.












*Our H5 Decor blog gives light to the many inspirations surrounding the five rooms of the home: Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room, and Garage. Our online store allows you to shop for your home! The H5 Decor team is a young and dynamic mix that loves to use our social media tools to share things we love. We are careful to make sure that all of our posts are properly credited and sourced.

Our blog aims to share the work we love the most but that does not mean we want to step on any toes. If you are a photographer or designer who is featured on our blog and would like us to remove or change something, please let us know at info@h5decor.com


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